I’ve toyed around with the idea of updating this blog some more, but I’m done.  I will still use the name Sons Club in another fashion down the line.  I am working on a different blog that will actually be updated, but I need to toss this dead weight first. 2009-2011 was a huge 2 years of transition for me, and now that I have some sense of stability (aka job)  Thanks to all of you for reading, and oddly enough still keep reading old posts, it was super fun, but I want to do it better. I love you, and I am so happy you read Sons Club, you can drop me a line still if you feel so inclined.  South Carolina is a great place to be, there is awesome music to be had everywhere.  I highly suggest following SceneSC, Wearetheupstate, and always read the Free Times. (I still don’t know Charleston that well). In that respect to my state, here are the top releases I listened to this year.  (below you can find lists of other bands)
Here is a list of my top 2011 releases with no order so I don’t have this list hanging over me forever.

Top South Carolina records of 2011 (for me, I most likely forgot a few)

Toro y Moi – Underneath the Pine

Clearly an amazing record that was everywhere this year.  Incredible stuff, and we love that it was #1 of their guest list for Pitchfork.

Modern Man – Walk Away

Listen Here.  I suggest starting with the song Consume.

Ghosts of the Great Highway – Wrestle it Down

Listen here.  Never Be Won

Say Brother – All I Got is Time


Listen here. Start with the Titular Track

The Lovely Few – The Perseids


Listen here. Start with Intrepid (although the whole record flows as a whole)

Coma Cinema – Blue Suicide

Listen here. You likely already know and love this band.

Other Releases

Trouble Books & Mark McGuire – S/T

Sea Oleena – Sleeplessness

Cass McCombs – Wit’s End

Jay-Z / Kanye – Watch the Throne

Julian Lynch – Terra

Jurgen Muller  – Science of the Sea

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – Luminaries & Synastry

Tiago Sousa – Walen Pond’s Monk

Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring for My Halo

The Lonely Island  – Turtleneck & Chain

(Drops mic walks away)


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