Today I found out that apparently Pocahaunted is no more. This is what was written by the latest Pocahaunted 7″ Threshold that just came out.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, bands to solo projects – it’s all the same arc. And here it is, the final RIP action by star-crossed NNF institution Pocahaunted and the only recorded document of the final triforce-vocal line-up featuring Leyna Noel on keys/crooning/dance magic…… Roll the credits, this is the end.

I am pretty bummed to say the least. At least my girlfriend and I got to catch them at Harvest Records in Asheville a few months back. I can only guess that Amanda and crew will be focused on running Not Not Fun/LA Vampires now. We wish them the best. In the meantime, this 7″ only has 500 copies so I would act on this sooner rather than later. If this sounds nearly as good as they did live in Asheville, this is one thing you will not want to miss. Order it here. Check out that new Robedoor too!
Here is a track we loved off of Make it Real.

Pocahaunted – Save Yrself (It’s Nice)


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